Friday 4 March 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 February 22nd Another Day Looking for a Bonaparte's Gull. Cardiff Bay


          After another long chat with my host at Tanes Hotel, I set off for Cardiff Bay once more, a fourth attempt at seeing the reported Bonaparte's Gull ahead of me.

          I cycle through the city centre. Well, actually not through the pedestrianised areas as there are police fining cyclists who ride their bikes. I push mine and get to a cycle tracked road alongside Cardiff Castle. Memories of that Queen concert back in 1976. 

          Down to the riverside, cycling past the huge Millenium Stadium, I stop to feed some hot cross buns to the gulls and geese, Swan Geese, three very vocal Swan Geese. Not countable on the BIGBY bird list, I am pecked by an aggressive Mute Swan as I feed the assembled birds.

          The rest of the day is spent going to all corners of the bay, for part of it I am accompanied by a local birder but all to no avail. There is no sign of the rare Bonaparte's Gull.

          There are though plenty of other gulls . . . 

          . . .  including three Mediterranean Gulls.

          and there are always pigeons to feed!



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