Monday 28 February 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 February 18th Storm Eunice at Porthcawl


          There is no way I am going to go out this morning! Storm Eunice, hot on the heels of Storm Dudley, is going to hit where I am situated, Porthcawl. I watch the BBC news as Porthcawl is shown being hit by giant waves. I watch as news of 122 miles per hour winds hit the Isle of Wight!

          In the afternoon I head off out into the gales, immediately going onto the beach as I feel if there is any debris blowing around I would be able to see it.                  

          I have always loved the power of storms and remember so many days when I went out to Peveril Point to watch immense waves. Swanage was hit by stormy weather a number of times when I lived in the early years of this millenium.

          I find shelter behind the tower on the headland to the south and then amongst the rocks nearby. The power of the gales is tremendous and the noise of the sea tumultuous.

          The sky is clear though and there are fascinating feather-like tracks made by the id in the sand.

          The tide at this time is very low and strange mounds of crumbly material remind me of Crinoid fossils. They are though the formations built by Honeycomb Worms, (Sabellaria alveolata).

          The sculptured nature of the sedimentary rocks here remind me of the plateau in my favourite Pixar film, Up.

          With faces in the rock and channels, gunnels and curves, the whole landscape and almost total lack of seaweeds and shells, has a barren, wave worn appearance.

          Up has been my favourite Pixar film ever since it came out. 'Adventure is out there' is a mantra I repeat often and the characters, the relationships and the three emotional endings; the arrival of the house at Paradise falls -

           - the roadside games of Carl and Russell, together with the award of the Ellie badge - 

          - and, most poignantly of all, the discovery of Ellie's additions to her Adventure book - 

          - make this emotional rollercoaster the most perfect of animated movies.

          As for Ellie, well, in my opinion she didn't die but instead divorced Carl for not having taken her to Paradise Falls, as promised. I will spend the rest of my life looking for her!

          Maybe I will meet Ellie and together we will grow old and sit reading whilst holding hands. Maybe. 


          A few gulls are tucked down amongst the rocks, sheltering from the gales. Within the flock are a couple of Mediterranean Gulls.

          Leaving the beach, I try to find a shop and on asking a lady out walking, I am invited for a coffee and so meet the lovely Judith Geraghty. Judith tells me she is a Blue Tit, one of the hundreds of ladies who enjoy swimming in the sea at all times of the year but maybe not today! Coffee is taken with her and her son and his two amazingly bright and confident children. Kindness of strangers, not only coffee is given but also a donation for the RSPB and Acorns Children's Hospice.

Thanks so much Judith.

Great to meet you.



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