Saturday 28 September 2019

A new adventure starts at The Ebro Delta Birding Festival, Spain

A new Biking Birder Adventure from The Ebro Delta in Northern Spain, cycling through Catalonia and Aragon before crossing The Pyrenees into France, all in aid of raising money for BIRDLIFE INTERNATIONAL.

Please make a donation via the JUST GIVING link attached to the BIRDLIFE INTERNATIONAL logo to the right. Thanks to all who do and I hope you enjoy reading about this latest adventure Biking Birder Adventure V.

Thursday 19th September

The Ebro Delta Bird Festival

After choosing the Green way to get to the Festival, that is to not use air travel and instead the comfort of two days and nights either on trains or coaches via Paris and Barcelona, 

I arrived at the hotel and birded around the area. Flamingoes, Squacco Herons, Yellow-legged Gulls, Hoopoes and Yellow Wagtails, just a short couple of kilometres walked before returning to the hotel and meeting up with some of the other speakers, for that is what I am doing here. I am going to be one of the speakers at The Festival and, at last, I am going to meet the other great Green Birding champion, Ponc Feliu Latorre. Ponc is the 'purest' Green Birding European Champion having seen 304 birds by cycling. I personally was a 'dirty' Green Birder in my BIGBY, Big Green Big Year, as I used some ferries to get to the Scottish Islands of most Hebridean Islands, The Orkneys and Shetland and, of course, Fair Isle. That was in 2016, Biking Birder Adventure III, when I saw 318 species of bird.

Three days to enjoy this wonderful Birding festival, tomorrow we, the guest speakers, are to be taken into areas of the Delta where the public cannot access. Can't wait!

Details on the Festival, the guest speakers and activities can be found on The Delta Bird Festival website :-

Friday 20th September A Birding Safari at The Ebro Delta

Best way to detail the day is by showing the photographs. A wonderful day of birds, beautiful landscapes, heat and great company.

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