Friday 4 August 2017

Hen Harrier Day Approaches.

Hello everyone. I am back in the UK after my fabulous time in Peru. After a couple of weeks working at the superb Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly Farm, I am now down on the south coast of England on my way to a Hen Harrier Day event at Arne RSPB reserve in Dorset.

Today and tomorrow will be a dragonfly searching and birding on Studland and around Durlston, with some time visiting very close friends in Swanage.

Studland has all the British reptiles present on the heathland so hoping to find a few of them; smooth snake and sand lizard being the rarest.

Swanage was the town I lived in with my late wife and children so a visit there is always emotional.

Then to Arne via Corfe Castle.

Sunday is Hen Harrier Day at Arne RSPB reserve and I am really looking forward in joining the crowd of people fighting the evil of driven grouse shooting in the UK and the slide into extinction of hen harrier as a breeding bird in England.

For more on the reasons for this event and details of other events around the UK please go to the following websites. Please give your support in any way you can.

At Rainham RSPB reserve Chris Packham will be giving his views.

Meanwhile raptor - bird of prey persecution isn't just a hen harrier phenomenon. Sadly and disgustingly many birds of prey are killed across Britain. A superb group monitors, debates the issues and lobbies parties concerning this. More details may be found here. . .

Thanks everyone.

BCNU all soon with photographs of the next few days. Love to you all.


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