Wednesday 23 August 2017

Dip, Green Birding Adventurer and Birdfair 2017


Sing along now . . . . 

Everybody needs somebody . . . . . .      

OK. Feel better after that?

Long time no write and so much has happened since last I did.

Yesterday a dip (missed bird) with friends was disappointing but part of the carbon twitching life. Birds have wings. They fly away. Yet after flying the Atlantic from America it, a mega rare Yellow Warbler, could have least have stayed around for longer than the afternoon of the previous day. Oh well, great to catch up with so many friends and if one more birder says, “ did you cycle here?” I'll . . . .
Actually it is rather nice to be recognised by so many strangers to me. One even shouted, “I gave you a sausage roll last year!”

A message this morning from Leonidas, a Green Birder cycling from Miami, USA to Cusco, Peru, saying the birding was slow.

just combining my two passions, starting slow with the birds looking forward to be in Central America. I'm working on my bird list I'll appreciate all your help on this adventure and definitely I'll see you in Cusco next year thank you again

An incredible undertaking, let's all wish the intrepid young man a safe ride with hundreds of birds.

Birdfair last weekend was an incredible, uplifting experience. I particularly enjoyed the talks attended and seeing so many friends there. I also spent a lot of time meeting up with people who will hopefully be involved with my next adventure, the Biking Birder Peru trip 2018.

At last I have got to meet the legendary Gunnar Engbolm!

And David Lindo.

And Mark Thomas.

The Israeli team from The Champions of The Flyway were here.

And the video of the event is superb. My Brummie-accent coming to the fore with my spluttered 'phenomenal day.'

So many issues, people and events to show in more detail. I will be taking some time to each justice I hope in the next few days.

I gave a talk on Sunday last. Well attended which was a surprise, I had thought it might be one man and his dog, all left laughing at the end. My talk involves elements missing from all others; dancing, singing and audience participation! I do so hope some of you may be able to attend my talks when I go around Britain giving talks this winter.

So back to now. Mum's 85th birthday today. Love her to bits, my Little Miss Sunshine.

Off to The Isles of Scilly with two Birding Clams this weekend, Jason Oliver and Tony Barter, for a pelagic trip out into the Atlantic, hoping for Wilson's Storm Petrels and Great Shearwaters.

Then an all-dayer competition at my local patch, Upton Warren punctuates my journey north back to North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory. It is going to be fabulous to see the team again.

Love to you all xxx Gary

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