Monday 28 February 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 February 17th To Porthcawl, South Wales


          Early morning, another attempt at the Bonaparte's Gull is unsuccessful.

          At least a pair of Great-crested Grebe were in the mood for love. No sign of the American gull so I head off into a fresh wind towards Porthcawl.

          My day is spent pushing and cycling. The map above shows nature of the route. Unfortunately, with just five miles to go before arriving at my night's accommodation in Porthcawl, a frustrating puncture gives me an hour delay. 

          Having left everything at the B & B, I head off onto the expansive beach, watching as a small group of sea swimmers head off into the waves, Oddballs! Well that is what is on the men's swimming trunks. LOL

          I get to a headland with a tower and go down to the sea to search for waders, with a hope that Purple Sandpipers will be near the tideline.

          There is a flock of around seventy Sanderlings* on the rocks and I sit down and watch as they come closer and closer as the tide comes in. A few Turnstones are nearby and singles of Dunlin and Ringed Plover.

          Fantastic to have waders so close and unconcerned by my prescence. 

          Back in my bedroom I look carefully at Firday's weather forecast, Storm Eunice is on it's way!


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