Saturday 4 June 2022

Reaching London! Charity Fundraising update.

 Well, the Biking Birder enters the sixth month of this year's Biking Birder adventure, knowing that he has a lot of birding to do in order to catch up with the BIGBY (Big Green Big Year) leader, Ponc Feliu Latorre.

Indeed, in the top fifteen there are two Spaniards ahead of me with Ponc having seen 251 bird species and Jose Luis Anguita on 227.

My own BIGBY bird list stands at 217.

I haven't had a new bird since the Firecrest at Linford Arboretum in Norfolk but hopefully that will change today. An Iberian Chiff Chaff has been seen in Regent's Park in the centre of London and that is my next target bird.

Now I haven't updated the charity details for too long so here goes . . .

Please give a little something and make my day!


Donations : Acorns 

Many thanks to . . . 

John the Scouser Williams, Faith (The Manea chip shop girl), Amy (The Canadian Green Birder), Sean Dempster, Andy R, Trevor, Phil, Linda & Bettina, Elsa Richter, Dave Hutton,Helen Hawke, Hollins Green Village Shop ladies, Shanahans Guest House in Aston, Birmingham, Sandi of Littledean Hotel in Cinderford, Beth Howells, Stuart Green, Judith Geraghty, Brenda Campbell, Paul Moseley, Alison Everett, Bill Urwin, Lee & Cathy Gregory, Sean (Liverpool), Lindsey Moore, Anonymous, Lindsey Barthorpe, Julie, Sue, Julie (Upton Warren), Ian "Seagulls" Morris, Larraine Tayleure, Andrew Bayes, Andy Pitt,Andrea, P & P, Moira, Jackie Griffiths, Bob, Keep U, Rosie, Jayne Grosvenor, Jane & Andy Revell, Louise, Stuart Griffiths, M & D Shaw, Dave & Sue White, Janette Lowndes, Bart, Lise Hanson, Maria Hill, Phil V, Chris Elmer, Sue Murphy, Nicky, John Hague, Mike, Kimberley Bills, Norma Hines, Rob Gilbert, Julia, Colin Graham, Sarah Moreton, Lizzy, Lisa Hillier, Rob Leech, P & P.

And also many thanks to the person from Llandudno who sent money directly to Acorns Children's Hospice, stating 'The Biking Birder' in the letter. Brilliant! Thanks. 

Acorns Children's Hospice 

Total so far . . . 

£1,586 plus gift aid


Donations : RSPB 

Many thanks to . . . 

Sean Dempster, Amy (The Amazing Canadian Green Birder), Dawn Balmer, Bethany & Peter, Phil and Linda Cooper, Bettina dn 9-year old Thomas, Lizzy Bradbury, Jo & Gaynor,Tom Jackson, Ptolomey McKinnon, Pam & Malcolm, Faye & John, Paul Sharpe, Tony Barter, Trevor from Boston, P & P (again!). Anne, David Hilliard, Oriel, Louise Bailey, Sandi of Littledean Hotel in Cinderford, Stuart Green, Judith Geraghty, Lynn, Bill Urwin, Lee & Cathy Gregory, Sean (Liverpool), Lindsey Moore, Julia, Nicky M, Karen and Richard Blackburn, Paul Moseley, Susan, Jim Royer, Anonymous, Foz, anonymous, Phil (Upton Warren), Dad and RSPB Badges sold, P & P, Moira, Jill from Dorking, Nicky M, Terri Akers, Anne Beckett, Maria Hill, Mark Carter, P

Gary's RSPB Justgiving page link

Total so far . . . 

£965 plus gift aid


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