Wednesday 9 March 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 23rd February Newport Wetlands and Bingo Night!

 The new Green Birding badge . . . 

. . .  Isn't it fabulous?! Every penny from each sale goes to the charities I am supporting this year. Get yours by following this link : - 


         Goodbye and thanks to Tane, the owner of Tanes Hotel in Cardiff . . . 

          Soon arrived at Newport Wetlands RSPB reserve and visitors centre, one of the best visitors centre I have been to with a great cafe with lovely views over and adjacent pool, reedbed and feeding station. 

          There is a different 'sunshine' RSPB Meet & Greet gentleman at the entrance, Jonathan. He is as brilliant as all meet & greet RSPB staff are and we have an enjoyable natter. Mind you, one lady doesn't like his joke over her duffle coat! Can't please anyone, we have all suffered the time when a comment of friendliness backfires. She can't have been too upset though as she is soon having her photograph taken by her friend as she pokes her head in the designed holes in the attractive RSPB metallic screen

          Into the cafe to see Christine, Salma and Kirsty for a natter and a bite to eat. Wonderful to see these three fabulous people once more.

          Off to the reserve, I actually have two target birds that I hope to see but to tell the truth don't expect to: Bearded Tits and Bittern.

          Now I have seen Bearded Tits here before but never Bittern.

           After sometime searching around the reserve and seeing little bird-wise, I enjoy a beautiful sunset and head off to a pub at Goldcliffe for a meal with two fabulous friends, Cath & Lee Gregory. A wonderful evening with great company and the pleasure and fun of playing Bingo!


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