Tuesday 22 January 2019

2019. A New Green Birding year so a New Green Birding Challenge.

          Hello!                   Happy New Year!

2019, a New Year and as the memories of the most magnificent of Biking Birder years recedes, I emerge from post-adventure stupor to start new adventures and projects.

What can possibly top six months of  Green Birding excitement in Peru?

Nothing can.

So, instead of far-flung travels, this year I will be Green Birding my home county of Worcestershire. No not the fabled land in Shrek 2 but the Midland county south west of Birmingham, UK.

From my parent's home in the village of Romsley, which stands 874 feet above sea level, I will cycle downhill to maybe my local patch, Upton Warren, seven and a half miles away.

The main aim of the year though is to cycle to every Worcestershire Wildlife Trust nature reserve, all seventy five of them. Over the year each reserve will be visited at hopefully, their nature peak. For instance a visit to Monkwood will coincide with the emergence of the Wood White butterflies that can be found there. A visit to Eades Meadow will coincide with the magnificent site of tens f thousands of Green-winged Orchids. 

The Green Birding year list, that is a list of all the bird species seen over the year whilst walking or cycling, will be embellished with list of orchids, insects, particularly butterflies and dragonflies, flowers, trees and mammals. Maybe reptiles such as Grass Snake, Adder, Slow Worm and Common Lizard will be seen. 

The Green Birding Year list has already started. Green Birding starts at home and so the garden birds, Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Titmice and Finches have built the list to 22. 

So will you join me in doing a Green Big Year?

Will you Green Bird your local area?

Or are you doing a BIGBY - a Big Green Big Year? Are you cycling further afield, listing birds and challenging yourself?

Whatever you are doing then I hope you have a wonderful 2019.

Tel me about your exploits, either by commenting below or by email ...


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Next blog post will be a summary of April 2018, the first month of the Biking Birder adventure IV - Peru.


Love to you all xx


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