Friday 11 March 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 February 26th Upton Warren Worcestshire Wild Trust Nature Reserve


          A comfortable night spent in the hide despite a frost in the morning, I get up to watch birds from the East Hide.


          Birders soon arrive at this popular reserve. They include the almost ever present Andy Pitt. Target bird for the day is the Jack Snipe. One has been seen recently and it isn't long before Andy shouts out that he has one.

          It may be another National Geographic calendar photograph but it is proof that I have seen the bird. One Jack Snipe* utb.

          Bird on the BIGBY bird list, by late morning I am heading back to my parents' home 10 miles or so to the north.

          Passing a petrol station, how long before they are things from the past? I look at the price and am grateful that I won't be buying any petrol this year.

                 Reason to be a Green Birder!

Take a look at the Green Birding Megastars page . . .

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