Wednesday 9 March 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 B.O.B. Butterflies of Britain Education Programme Bobbette the Butterfly.


          A Biking Birder t-shirt, a brilliant gift from Paul Herrieven, the gentleman behind the Green Birder badges! Thanks Paul. Superb! And yes, I do wear yellow wellies when I am cycling and also wear my famous yellow smiley tie, which I have had since 1989. As for the cuddlies, the crew, on the bike, well, Albert the RSPB Albatross is with me of course, as is Sid the W&WT rainforest frog. This Biking Birder VI year though there is no Betty the Blue-headed Parrot nor the Geography Association's Barnaby Bear. Both have been given away to children.

          Instead, as well as others to be described later in future posts, there is a huge multi-coloured butterfly, Bobette. 

          Bobette is the logo for the amazing B.O.B - Butterflies of Britain Education Programme, the brainchild of Lyndsey Moore in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

          Together with her wonderful husband, Steve, Lindsey as seen her incredible education programme has developed over the years. Since its inception, B.O.B has become an amazingly diverse assortment of nature-based activities, delivered at a number of locations, both in schools and at their new Nature Play Centre based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Every activity has been designed to maximise the learning of nature for every child taking part.

          For both Lindsey & Steve, as well as the parents of all of the children attending the workshops and school activities, the satisfaction, the thrill and sheer pleasure of watching children enjoying nature must be immense.

          Deserving so many accolades, recently B.O.B. received this setting. I will let Lindsey describe it . . . 

"I am so happy to tell you all - I have some magical news. 😍😍😍

We are a Curiosity Approach accredited setting. 🥳🥳🥳

The B.O.B team have worked hard to reflect on our environment, to embed the CA pedagogy, to spend time understanding the approach.
We’ve adapted & tailored elements to our setting. We have learnt, been inspired & empowered as educators by all things curious.

We have grown and learnt so much on this journey, I know that this is just the start for us, we will always be on CA journey.

The curiosity approach is truly life changing and has given us as a team more drive to bring magical experinces to children’s lives.
As a team we have all felt more passionately about our environment, about our work place and team since being on the CA journey.
We have developed a greater understanding of having children at the heart of everything we do. We are always reflecting on our approach to see the world from a child's perspective.

I’m super proud to have achieved the accreditation, proud of our journey - Thank you so much The Curiosity Approach for creating such a empowering pedagogy."

          How fabulous would it be to see this programme be replicated in every town, every city!


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