Wednesday 16 February 2022

8th February 2022

To Burnham-on-Sea

          On the road again, the route takes me back along the road towards Blagdon Lake, where once again I can't find the Black-necked Grebe.

          It was wonderful to see Chris & Helena Craig last night and emotional to say goodbye. Chris was up before Helena and pointed out a female Blackcap* on one of his feeders. Great to have a year tick in their garden.

          Reaching The Strawberry Line cycle path, I came along this from the other direction, from the south, back in 2010, I stop for a sandwich and spot my first Primroses of the year.

          After a lovely chat with two previously Essex people, Gerald and Rosemary ...

          ... I cycle along until I reach a long tunnel and decide that a bit of singing is appropriate. Putting my earphones in, I switch on my MP3 player and . . .

          Such tone! Anyway I continue towards Burnham-on-Sea where hopefully I will connect with the reported Kentish Plover.

          After descending a steep hill when back on the main road heading south, I do an update vlog for Youtube ...

          On reaching Burnham-on-Sea, I head for the promenade and taking in the location details given to me by Chris Craig, I find a group of birders and ask whether they have seen the rare wader. Unfortunately they haven't and these three lads, Los Tres Amigos; Brian, Robert and 'Jock' from Plymouth, together with a famous birding book author and his wife, John and Janette Reilly, author of The Ascent of Birds : 

          Together we all search the muddy beach for any waders. let alone the Kentish Plover and whilst doing so, I have my first Grey Plover*, Avocet*, Ringed Plover* and Dunlin* of the year, taking my BIGBY bird list to 114.

          Eventually all five leave, disappointed in not having found the Kentish Plover but I remain and will do so until I see it.

          I walk up and down the beach as there is a flock of twenty or so Dunlin and Ringed Plover being disturbed by dogs. At the south end of the beach there is a dead sheep which has attracted two large Ravens.

          With no sign of the Kentish Plover, I head back along the beach as dusk falls and find tonight's accommodation, The Victoria Hotel.

          Kentish Plover, hopefully tomorrow.


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