Monday 28 May 2018

Star Wars Day! Day 34 Getting to Hauripampa. May 4th 2018

May 4th, 2018

Warm and very sunny, cloud builds until large thunderstorms are overhead and heavy rain falls.

I am awake at around three o'clock and I need the loo. I get out of bed and my bare feet stand in liquid. Someone has urinated in the corridor of the hostel and it has seeped into my room! I am not a happy bunny when the overnight receptionist says that nothing can be done about it.
I had intended to stay at the hostel another night and get some laundry done but the overnight disruption has made me feel like getting on and so I cycle the fifty miles to Hauripampa, a small village outside Juanza. The route took me down the most gorgeous gorge, mile after mile of twisting road that sloped down so that pedalling was at a minimum.
On rounding yet another bend I come across a village where hundreds of people are watching either a football match or some volleyball. I choose the former and sit with the locals cheering on the local team. Sharing my food and juice, I chat with them and celebrate when the match ends with the score 2 – 1 to the home side.
I try to find my overnight hostel, booked already online and a very helpful and chatty young Peruvian man helps me search the village. By asking locals we eventually find it, a beautiful high wall surrounded house. The proprietor, a lovely man named Moises, invites me in, saying he had been waiting for my arrival and shows me my room. Music is playing from a room next door, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. What a perfect welcome!
Moises wants me to go with him for a walk around the village and the local hills but a large thunderstorm stops that and instead I relax in my room. Well relax as well as I can with the thunderstorm directly overhead and there being an almost instantaneous bang of thunder when lightning flashes! Beethoven's Sixth would be appropriate.

Green Year list : 184 birds average new birds to list per day : 5.41 birds

Distance walked : 48.56 miles

elevation : up 3,883 feet, down 5,102 feet

altitude : 11,004 feet

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