Monday 28 May 2018

Day 36 A Birding Walk around Hauripampa.

May 6th, 2018

Hot and sunny with cloud build up once more in the afternoon.

Jonathan and Moises join me for a birding walk in the Eucalyptus and crop fields east of the village. We walk slowly together and stop for any bird. Two Golden-billed Saltators respond positively to pishing. Jonathan has never seen this before and tries his hand at making the silly noises necessary. A lesson learned, I am sure he will become a pishing champion as he is keen to attract birds closer to his expensive Canon camera.
Together we come across a ruined mill. It used to supply the village with electricity but was closed down as there was no profit in it for the larger electricity company in the area. The machinery is all there but the mill streams are dry.
Walking along what used to be the main road to Juanza, with very tall Eucalyptus trees shading us from the strong Sun, I count every bird, intending to place the bird list on eBird when I can. As usual Rufous-collared Sparrow dominate the list but there are also good numbers of Chiguanca Thrushes and Sparkling Violetears. Eared Doves are common.
Past a large ruined house, Moises tells me that it belonged to a German family that escaped from Deutschland just as World war 2 finished. Called the Richter family, I wonder what the history is here. Their house and land is all smashed now with signs of river inundation from flooding.
Down to the nearby river, a large fast-flowing expanse with a wide flood plain of stones and boulders, there is a foot suspension bridge that rocks as one traverses it. Two men are fishing on the other side using short poles and fixed monofilament line.
Walking south along the riverside there are a number of Turkey Vultures and American Kestrels. A small pool created where some gravel has been removed has just a single Moorhen amongst the short reeds growing there. Andean Flickers are vocal and easily seen.
Back through the fields, workers are bent double tending crops and their children play, climbing trees and chasing each other. I give one young boy my tiny Llama enamelled figurine and some money for his mother.
Once in the village once more, Moises tells me about the stories of each of the personalities of the statues in the village square. Most are heroes from the war against Chile.
Back at the hostel in the afternoon I relax, listen to music and clean the bike. The back wheel is slightly buckled and I try to straighten it as well as I can. I am lucky that the bull attack only buckled it a small amount.

Green Year list : 185 birds average new birds to list per day : 5.14 birds

Distance walked : 3.94 miles

elevation : up 94 feet, down 94 feet

altitude : 11,004 feet

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