Monday 28 May 2018

Day 47 May 17th 2018 Learning Experience over Peruvian Roads. Huanta.

May 17th, 2018

VERY hot and sunny, no cloud. Sweltering!

Up early, I am away and heading through the town for the road downhill. Finding it eventually, I stop when I realise that the worn back brake blocks aren't going to do the job. Quickly replacing them I continue downhill. Suddenly the concrete road turns into an incredibly bumpy one impossible to cycle on. Mapometer, the website I use for my routes, had shown a road that went to Ayacucho from Huanta and I was on it. Unfortunately my lesson for the day is that not every road on Mapometer is cyclable. 

After trying to make some progress for a couple of miles, I decide that I will return to the same hotel, service the bike and look for an alternative route. The way back is of course the opposite to downhill and it seems strange that the road, if I call this stony, bumpy dirt track a road, is steeper than what it seemed when going down it.

Hose, the hotel owner is surprised to see me but my room is ready. I spend the morning in the large storeroom that has the facsimile Football World Cup in it, cleaning the bike and changing the brake blocks. Once more I try to straighten the back wheel will little success. It is not a major problem but I would like everything as perfect as it can be on a thirty four year old bike.

Lunch in the market again from the same lady. She has her four large trays of different foods in front and I choose, as I did yesterday, a mixture of pasta, rice and a sort of stew and a chicken leg. Microwaved for heat I eat it down.

Late afternoon is spent changing my appearance!

Green Year list : 196 birds average new birds to list per day : 4.17 birds

Distance walked : 5.32 miles

elevation : up and down 785 feet,

altitude : 8,667 feet

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