Friday 25 November 2016

Thoughts of Next Year

Friday 25th November

Still staying with my daughter, Rebecca and her brilliant partner, Les in Newcastle. A few day rest I feel is well deserved and gives a chance to consider next year.
Flight back to Peru is already booked for April 12th so that's done. Champions of The Flyway event in Eilat will take up the last week of March or so.

Ours will the first Green Team to enter the event. The team? Myself, Erin Taylor, George Gay and Samuel Perfect; an old Biking Birder with three young and enthusiastic birders.

I am spending the morning researching the butterflies of The Amazon

and the Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly Farm. 

I have already emailed the latter over working there as a volunteer in January and am really looking forward to that. Wandering through their photographs on their Facebook page shows how many species they have and working in such an environment with other wonderful staff members who have a passion for butterflies is going to be a thrill. So much to learn.

In the time between the New Year and going to Eilat with The Spokefolks and then Peru there is so much to do.

Time to enjoy the company of friends and family again. 

Soon to be birding at Upton Warren in Worcestershire and with The Birding Clams. Upton Warren is a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust reserve near to Bromsgrove. With a variety of habitats, such as freshwater pools, reedbeds and even a briny saltmarsh area, the bird list is superb. Avocets breed there and the rare birds that have occurred there are many. The best thing about the reserve is the fabulous people who bird there, keen and knowledgable birders and great friends. Have a look at the Birdforum page to get some idea of the Upton Warren community.

The Birding Clams is a group of Birders most of whom are ex-students of Coppice High School in Wolverhampton. Back in the 1980s a certain teacher started a bird watching group, an extra-curricular club, and from those long off days there are lads who still passionately bird.

OK, time to explore Newcastle Upon Tyne again. B C N U. x

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