Thursday 24 November 2016

Artefacts and Art in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Thursday 24th November Light SE

Mild and sunny again, clouding over in the afternoon.

Rebecca and I walk into Newcastle Centre by going over the High Level bridge. There are hundreds of padlocks attached to wire mesh, tokens of love put their by lovers. It reminds me of the paper notes stuck on the wall of Juliet's house in Verona, Casa di Guilleta, with chewing gum.

Past the castle and the cathedral and past a particularly ugly statue of Queen Victoria.

Down to view the Vampire Rabbit.
Along to the Laing Art Gallery and then a return to Gateshead, we call in on a art cafe about to open this evening. On the walls are extremely colourful pieces depicting actual bird species of various sizes yet with most wearing trainers!
My daughter, Rebecca talks with the cafe owner Pam while I talk with the artist, Bob (Bobzilla). Bob does workshops for schools and has commissions for large pieces of street art and sculptures.

 A Biking Bird-er

The exhibition is called :

In-Flight Entertainment 

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