Thursday 24 March 2022


          Did you know that there is a better way to do your internet searches? PLEASE use ECOSIA!

Ecosia plant trees using the revenue from you carrying out internet searches. At the time of typing this, a tree is planted somewhere in the world for every 45 internet searches you do.

I have been doing all my internet searches via ECOSIA for three years. I also open every webpage I wish to access by doing an internet search using ECOSIA. With my homepage being set up to ECOSIA, I type in the name of the webpage I wish to access and click, there I am with another search recorded.

          This is my homepage. Note the 22,583 searches! Notice how many trees they have plated since its inception ...   145,576,0006 trees. I do love seeing the number go up. At the moment the rate of tree planting is around one every second.

          Now the number one internet search engine is Google (Boo. Hiss!). There are 8.5 billion internet searches carried out on Google every day (Boo. Hiss!) . . . 8,500,000,000. 

          99,000 searches a second!

          How fabulous it would be to see that figure transferred to an internet search engine that plants trees! ECOSIA (Hurrah!!!)

          99,000 searches using ECOSIA would equate to 2,200 trees being planted every second. Imagine that!

                        Click here for ECOSIA

          The ECOSIA webpage gives links to ECOSIA tree planting projects around the World.

          This webpage gives details of many of the countries and projects where trees are being planted by ECOSIA :

          Access the webpage and take a look for yourselves.

          There are also details of privacy, monthly financial statements, they are non profit and carbon negative . . . 


We put people and planet before profit

  1. We’re a not-for-profit business

    We dedicate 100% of our profits to climate action, with at least 80% financing tree-planting projects.

  2. Ecosia is powered by 200% renewable energy

    Our solar panels produce twice the amount of energy needed to power all searches with renewables.

  3. We always put your privacy first

    We anonymize your searches and don’t create a profile of you. We’re interested in trees, not your data.

  4. We are transparent about everything we do

    We publish detailed financial reports and frequent updates from our tree planting projects.

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