Sunday 20 February 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 February 12th Penduline Tits and Past Aquaintance


Back for the Tits!

          Breakfast in bed! Alderney Guest House, Weston Super Mare, Megan brings breakfast to my room, as she does with all guests, on a tray.

          Soon back on the road again and cycling back to try to see the Penduline Tits at Hutton, Weston Super Mare.

          On arriving a birder in a parked car says . . . 

. . . and soon I am watching them! Bird number 128 on the BIGBY bird list and a good one to get.

          Cracking! I watch and hear a voice saying, "hello Gary." I turn and immediately say "hello Dawn."

         Wonderful to see Dawn Balmar and her daughter, Bethany and her partner, Peter Wilson. Dawn works for the BTO, British Trust for Ornithology. 

         Back in 2016, on the penultimate day of my Biking Birder adventure, BB III, I had just seen the Blue Rock Thrush ...

... in The Cotswolds, had just been interviewed by Dr Rob Williams with the famous twitcher, Lee Evans...

... met two of my best friends, Lee & Cathy Gregory . . .

. . .  and then met Dawn, Peter and Bethany.

          Dawn says that this was the last time we met was on this occasion. I wonder if Bethany still has the owl I gave her back in 2016?


          With the Penduline Tits utb, under the belt, I cycle on to my next accommodation and arrive just as rain begins to fall. The weather for the whole of the coming week is forecast to be challenging! Bring it on.


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