Sunday 20 February 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 February 14th Off Back to Wales via The Old Severn Birdge


          After a day off because of wet and windy weather, and after having enjoyed a fabulous Vegan carvery, nut roast and veg with Vegan gravy (thanks Dan!) during a day of watching Aston Villa lose to Newcastle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

          . . . I set off very early morning, as soon as daylight permits, around 8.00 am, heading north for the Severn Bridge crossing.

          I stop at Portishead hoping to see reported Purple Sandpipers but the tide isn't quite right, just going out and there are a number of dog walkers with dogs running around along the muddy, rocky beach.

          Finding a cycle path along the seafront there, I stop for a while to peruse the hundreds of painted pebbles placed along an adjacent wall.

          Carrying on, Siri tells me the route north and I follow her instructions as the cycle path via a very convuluted way, 

          . . . eventually gets to the old Severn Bridge.


          And so into Wales! I stop after a couple of miles as the tunnel the cycle path goes through has some interesting graffiti.

          My next stop is to photograph a rather tame Grey Wagtail, in a ditch beside the road and the first Celandine of the year.

          I just love the way the Grey Wagtail looks at me with curiosity and disdain.
          Two hours or so later I reach Newport Wetlands RSPB Visitor's Centre and enjoy a cup of tea with a few staff members and take a photograph of the three meet & greet/visitor experience officers before leaving to reach my night-time accommodation, a bird hide not too far away where I have the hope of seeing a Tundra Bean goose.

Nick, Josh & Kirsty

All photographs taken this day are on here :


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