Thursday 10 February 2022

BIKING BIRDER VI 2022 Feb 9th Burnham on Sea, Somerset - Six BIGBY birds...

10th February 2022

Hello Sunshine People! xx
Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Thank you to :
Anonymous and Lindsey Barthorpe. for their donations to Acorns Children's Hospice
and to :
Karen & Richard Blackburn, Julia and Nicky M. for their donations to the RSPB.
Brilliant to wake up early, just approaching 6.00 am and find the donations emails.
So, please someone make my great start to the day complete, please make a donation to one of the charities I am supporting.
Meanwhile, I have uploaded another on the bike chat videos . . .
Have a fantastic day everyone. Me? I am off to the Somerset Levels. Lots of new birds to see, including hopefully a Mega rare - Baikal Teal. Wish me luck.


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