Monday 25 June 2018

Day 80 To Chinchero . . . Eventually!

June 19th, 2018

Sunny yet cool, strong cold breeze at times in afternoon

Off early I am soon cycling down The Sacred Valley to cross the River Urubamba via a narrow suspension bridge with a wooden plank floor. 

The village of Huayllabamba I go through and as I go further up a steep sided valley so the dirt road disappears and I am left crossing a ploughed field to find a pathway through a dense Eucalyptus forest. 

This is not what I expected to find here. Mapometer, the cycling route website that I hav been using, showed a road on the map this morning but there isn't one. Instead the narrow grassy pathway through the woods crosses a small stream and steps appear. A group of ex-college friends from the USA, friends for over forty years and travelling together in a wonderful spirit of comradeship, tell me that the steps go on for at least three or four miles and I decide that enough is enough. I can't carry my bike up that far and I return to the village.
I find another route on the map and spend a tiring afternoon on a switchback dirt track that goes up ever higher and higher towards a distant summit. 

It is getting dark by the time that I reach a small village and after that the main road towards Cusco. In darkness, being extremely careful of on-coming traffic, I walk the bike up a steep hill and then down to the large town of Chinchero. Hostel found, I am soon asleep, shattered by the day's exertions.

Green Year list : 274 birds average new birds to list per day : 3.43 birds

Distance walked, pushed and cycled : 25.72 miles

elevation : up 6,768 feet, down 3,969 feet

altitude : 12,208 feet

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