Monday 25 June 2018

Day 79 Birthday Boy, England in The World Cup and getting to Urubamba

June 18th, 2018

Sunny yet cool

Happy Birthday to me! Sixty two and still cycling and birding. The Ancient Biking Birder.

I set off for Urubamba and in no time really I am there and have found a hostel costing twenty Soles for the night. I rush around the corner and find a cafe that has a large flatscreen TV at one end of the room. England are playing Tunisia in the World Cup and a meal, a coffee and an England match in the company of one Peruvian is a pleasant way to spend the day.

By half time England have had all the play but only have one goal to show for it and shockingly Tunisia have one too! Ours a close in tap in by Harry Kane after the goalkeeper spills a strong header at his feet. There's is a penalty given half way through the first half. Unlike the poor Peruvian player the other day, the Tunisian striker doesn't miss.

The match continues in the same vein with England having the most possession, the most chances and with a will to win. Tunisia are holding on.

Corner in injury time. Ball comes over . . . . . . .


Why do Peruvian football commentators have to extend the word goal for as long as their breath holds out? Irritating as hell, I wish they would stop it.

England's goal scorer? Oh, Harry Kane. Header at the far post. Two one to England and no more than they deserve.

I find an internet place and spend an hour or so responding to the many Happy Birthday messages on Facebook.

Green Year list : 274 birds average new birds to list per day : 3.47 birds

Distance walked, pushed and cycled : 12.49 miles

elevation : up 1,117 feet, down 1,032 feet

altitude : 9,410 feet

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