Friday 11 March 2016

Rain, Wind and Salty Spray!

Wednesday 9th March light to fresh NE heavy rain all day and cold

There is another couple in the breakfast room this morning, Leslie and Mark. They tell me that they send shoe boxes full of things to send out to our troops and, as well as giving me a donation for my charities, pass me their card. Here's a link to their website. A brilliant couple.
Rachel has done me a packed lunch to help me on my way. Thanks Rachel, much appreciated.

It is raining heavily and there is a fresh wind in my face as I go over the immense Humber Bridge. Sprays from passing vehicles contains salt that I can taste on my lips.

It is going to be fun!
Thirty five miles later I reach Bridlington. I find a hotel. I go to bed.

So the year list is 181, which is still twenty one ahead of this time last year.

38.51 Miles 924 feet elevation up 1016 feet elevation down

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