Sunday 3 January 2016

Through Rain and Floods to Worcester

Sunday 3rd January Fresh SW - S Heavy rain all day

Another late start due to the cricket, Ben Stokes and Johnny Bairstow's incredible record breaking stand before lunch. The former gets 200, the latter gets to 100 after lunch and records of all sorts crumble.
Outside the rain is heavy and the wind is in my face. The cycle is not too pleasant. The route today is from Wolverhampton to Worcester, all along the A449. There are no birds. In all the time cycling I see one jay, one magpie, a few rooks and a pheasant. There are a lot of fields devoted to winter wheat and it is these that cause the three floods I have to cycle through. The water rushing off the wheat fields is the colour of rancid orange juice and must be carrying a tremendous amoount of sand and silt.
Just after the roundabout where I need to take the road towards Worcester centre, a lady has stopped her car and calls me over. On hearing that I am doing a cycle ride for charity, Kim gives a donation and a banana. What a fantastic lady, Kim tells me that she is a triathlete from Bewdley, Worcestershire. Wonderful.
The rooks are new for the year list and so is a single pheasant that is crossing a field just north of Worcester. In the city itself the River Severn is a foot away from bursting it's banks and the fifty or so mute swans are on an area that has flooded over riverside pathways down to the cathedral.
The Green Year list now stands at 68.

29.46 miles 1104 elevation up 1646 elevation down

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