Sunday 3 January 2016

January 2nd A Hoopoe for the list

Saturday 2nd January Fresh E to W Drizzle or light rain all day

Two sessions of the South Africa versus England Test match, watching with Dad, means that I am late leaving for the hoopoe.
From the back window overlooking a large oak woodland I add nuthatch and treecreeper to the list before setting off.
Cycling past the places of my early childhood; our family home in Stourbridge, where I got stung by a bumblebee as I poked the nest with a stick, along the road where Mum said she took the Christmas presents for Santa to collect and check before Christmas. So many memories. My old school, King Edward's Grammar School; I cycle onto the ring road and head for Wall Heath.
The bird is not on view when I arrive and two birders haven't been able to find it. I try and flush it from a scrubby area on the far side of the quarry. It flies into a tree and stays unseen amongst the ivy on the tree trunk for an hour or so.
Eventually it does return to the same spot and gives everyone now present great, close views. Three new birds for the year list takes it to sixty six.

19.19 miles 1115 elevation up 1376 elevation down

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