Thursday 21 January 2016

Now Where is That Pacific diver?

Wednesday 20th January fresh SE Sunny AM & warm, Cloudy PM & cool

Early morning, out to look for the five aligned planets yet i can only see three. Venus is so bright, or is it Jupiter?

The plan is to head for Porthgwarra taking in the fields around Jericho farm where Iceland gull has been reported. A text message arrives whilst I talk with a fellow birder, Paul Smith who is staying at the Penzance Youth Hostel and comes from Doncaster. The text reports the Pacific diver is east of St Michael's Mount again. Paul give a donation as I hurriedly head for Marazion once again.
Reaching the pathway along which I saw the Hudsonian whimbrel two days ago, I hide the bike and walk to a far headland point, sit upon some rocks and scan the sea. There is a very close great northern diver and four distant black-throated swimming together and diving together. 

No sign of the Pacific diver though, I keep scanning. I am joined by a local birder, Tim who has Swarowski telescope. Finding divers becomes easier; two red-throated, five black-throated and three great northern. The frustration at not finding the special is alleviated by finding the Hudsonian whimbrel again but this time it is with one of it's European cousins and a few curlew. Whimbrel goes onto the Year list.

An adult Mediterranean gull flies by, as do three little egrets.

The weather changes as cloud rolls in from the south. What had been a pleasantly warm, sunny Spring-like day was now cold and dull.
I walk back to where I had hidden the bike and ride downhill into Marazion. Finding a way down to the shore overlooking the amazing St Michael's Mount, I find a superb male black redstart, one of the best looking birds of that species I have ever seen. Searching further along a section of beach that has been covered with thick seaweed debris, there are around fifty sanderling with smaller numbers of turnstone and a few redshank.

The Green Year list now stands at 136, fifteen ahead of where I was at this time last year.

12.47 miles 632 feet elevation up 632 feet elevation down


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog, look forward to it each day. And am jealous of all the lovely birds you are seeing, though not jealous of the cycling.

  2. Thanks Sheila. The cycling isn't my favourite bit! ATB


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