Saturday 23 January 2016

And on the 21st Day I took a Rest

Thursday 21st January    strong S          rain all day

A day of rest, reflection and conversation, this is after twenty days of cycling and birding. Happy with progress with the list a long way ahead of last year and having seen some birds of quality, I spend the day relaxing as the rain pours outside.
Physically the parts of my body that have been aching the most, knees and hands appreciate the respite and hopefully will show their appreciation by not hurting so much tomorrow.
A chance to look at some websites and blogs that I usually am too tired to look at, the American Birding Blog is a must.
Offshoots from that occupy some of my morning.
A look through Birdgirl's blog is as inspiring as ever and a new blog for me, Postive News, reflects upon positive developments in the Nature world.

Sleep is restorative and waking in the afternoon I spend the rest of the day with the other people at the hostel. My dormitory companion, Dan, is on his way to the Isles of Scilly and he is amazed at the competitive world of bird listing. I show him world listers, British carbon listers and Green listers. He tells me that his ten year old son is only interested in watching Attenborough programmes on TV and he has shown a keen interest in birds. Dan thinks that he will be very interested in all that I have shown him. I hope so too. It is always such a great thrill for me to hear of children interested in any sort of nature.

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