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BBI - 2010 A Lazy Day watching A Favourite Sport


280 & 281

England won by an innings and 83 runs

3rd January, 2010                                                       Get out of your lazy bed    Matt Bianco  

Now it just so happened that on the television there was Test match between England and South Africa being played. My decision over what to do on a bitterly cold January day, with me being a little obsessive about cricket, was an easy one to make. Should I do the sensible thing and get cycling towards the next target RSPB reserve? Should the next destination, from Warwick to Otmoor, near Oxford, be reached in two easy stages of around twenty-five miles each, with a night in a comfy village Bed & Breakfast cottage, or done in one day by cycling the whole fifty six miles in very frosty conditions? Life is full of difficult choices.

I lay down on the settee and watched the match! The weather outside continued to be a blast from the Arctic, with temperatures down to five degrees below, Celsius that is. A day off, after getting out of my lazy bed, and I had only just begun the cycling – birding year. At least a Pied Wagtail [58] was in the garden, seen from my prone position on the settee and so was added to the year list.


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