Saturday 1 January 2022

Midnight! The 2022 BIGBY - Big Green Big Year - Biking Birder VI Adventure Begins

 Out at the final stroke of Big Ben, a walk in the dark, breezy gusts making the Oak Tree branches shiver as I walk along the narrow country lane by Mum and Dad's house in Worcestershire, UK. No, NOT the Worcestershire in Shrek 2!

No Tawny Owl hooting. Doesn't give a hoot whether my BIGBY - Big Green Big Year list starts well or not.

There's always tomorrow!

This evening I posted on Facebook the two JustGiving pages devoted to the charities I am hoping to raise money for next year.

Acorns Children's Hospice in my home city of Birmingham, UK is incredible and it will be a privilege and a pleasure to do my best throughout the year for them.

The other charity, of course is my beloved RSPB. This will be fourth year in which I have been raising money for the RSPB.

So please, help me on my way over the next 365 days, as I cycle around the UK trying to see as many bird species as possible without using any form of fossil-fuelled transport! Please make a donation to either ACORNS Children's Hospice, the RSPB or just maybe both.

That would be more than wonderful.

Happy New Year to you all xx


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