Sunday 30 January 2022

23rd January 2022 A Day Off - Ellesmere Mere

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Lochwinnoch RSPB Reserve, 2015

23rd January 2022    A Day Off - Ellesmere Mere

          My B & B didn't provide breakfast until 9.00 am so I decide to have another night here and have a day off.

          Walking the short distance from the B & B, the Red Lion Coaching Hotel, to The Mere, I am soon birdwatching. Ten Goosanders in a small group nearby have females outnumbering males 7 : 3. Two Cormorants are sitting on a fallen tree and various ducks, a few grebes, Black-headed Gulls and Coot are out on the extensive waters.

          Soon I meet a lovely family of four out birding for the day; Lauren and her Mum Christine, who are out with Christine's parents, Sue and Jeff. Together we walk around the mere chatting and even singing! Wonderful sunshine people, it is lovely to enjoy their company for an hour or so.

          A male Mandarin* is amongst some tree roots just beyond an area where many people are enjoying feeding the large flocks of eager ducks, geese and swans.

          Another bird for my growing BIGBY, Big Green Big Year bird list.

Charity Pledges 

These are the names of people who have made a pledge to pay so much per bird species seen at the end of the year to either one of the charities I am supporting or to both.

Lee Dark, Mary & Brian Prescott, Joshua Prescott, Rebecca Prescott and Les Oxley-Stoker, Donna Prescott. 

Massive thanks to everyone who has either made a donation or made a pledge.


Biking Birder I - 2010     Hamish!

Continuing with remembering some of the amazing people I have met on previous Biking Birder adventures, I will always remember the day I met Hamish.
                  Hamish by one of his houseboats

          Whilst pushing the bike along the pathway on the southside of the Adur Estuary, an RSPB Reserve at Shoreham, Sussex, I came across a collection of houseboats more bizarre than those that had seen so far.

           Outside one of the more spectacular of the bizarre ones stood a gentleman who introduced himself as Hamish and to my delight, Hamish invited me onboard on of his three houseboats for a coffee.

          Hamish's collection of dessicated animals was fascinating. A friend had worked at the now defunct cement works further along the river where animals of all sorts regularly fell in and died. The cement dust then mummified them and Hamish had a large collection of various species, predominently pigeons.

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