Monday 4 June 2018

Day 65 "I don't believe it!"

June 3rd, 2018

Heavy rain overnight that continues for the whole day

                I am up in the night a few times. The pain from yesterday has returned but this time is accompanied by diarrhoea. I never suffer diarrhoea. I am very careful over what I eat and drink. I won't have salads. I only have fruit I need to peel. I don't drink the tap water. I never suffer diarrhoea!
                Well I have got it now. The first time I have ever had it whilst visiting Peru. Actually in myself I don;t feel ill. I don't feel feverish or weak. I sleep and get up, do what is required and go back to sleep.
                Daylight arrives and I try to eat some breakfast. I don't eat much. There are two young Swiss girls who have been travelling for five months. Starting at Santiago in Chile, they have been to Paraguay and Brazil and are now heading for Lima. We chat and share experiences for an hour or so, a pleasure to be speaking English again after seven weeks of stunted Spanish conversation with limited variety.
                I make a shopping list and head off for the shops. I was planning to go back to Ampay nature sanctuary. This time I would pay the proper entrance fee for foreigners and the extra owed from yesterday. Well that was the plan but the weather and the tummy problem stops that idea. Instead I go to the internet shop and find that England need just two more wickets to win the cricket. Well that stops my thought that I could spend the day listening to my favourite sport, away from the sport of Green Birding that is.
                For some strange reason I am allowed by Google/Blogger to update my blog so do so. Recently they have sent security messages and blocked me. I then spend some time answering and sending emails and posting all photographs onto my Facebook pages.
                Suddenly I hear football noises from a TV at the other end of the room. I peep around my cubicle to see half a dozen people standing there watching the set. Peru are playing a friendly against Saudi Arabia in Switzerland and have just scored a great goal, a shot from outside the area. I go and stand with everyone and soon Peru score again, a shot that the goalkeeper fumbles and is put in from close range. Half time, I pay my internet bill of three Soles, about seventy five pence and return to the hotel in the rain. A crowd of fifteen or so people are standing outside a television saleroom, watching the game in the rain.
                Back at the hotel and feeling a bit rough I relax, watch the second half in the lounge area with the two Swiss girls from breakfast before going to my room and relaxing in bed. I fall asleep early after watching an Ice Age animation film in Spanish, the best bits of which are of Scrat with his acorn in space.

Green Year list :  211 birds                         average new birds to list per day  :  3.50 birds 

altitude : 7,504 feet

OK, thank you to everyone who has made a donation to Birdlife International and Chaskwasi-Manu over the last week. I really do appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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