Monday 22 January 2018

69 Days to go to Biking Birder 2018 - Peru and News on a New Book


I have never been so busy.

My first book published on Kindle, preparing for Peru, giving talks to RSPB local groups and Ornithological Societies, working at the fabulous Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly Farm . .  . and all the travel in between.


Let's start with the book. My first is the story of the 2016 Biking Birder adventure, the first book which will probably be a series of four; the series being called The Biking Birder Adventures.

A paperback edition will be available soon. I am just awaiting the artwork from one artist. 

To hopefully tempt you into making a purchase, here is the blurb from the Amazon-Kindle page on the book :-

"Chris Boardman, Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Chris Froome, Laura Trott, Bradley Wiggins .... in 2016 one Gary Prescott attempted to add his name to this long line of illustrious British cycling champions. At sixty years old, asthmatic and (by his own admission) slightly over-weight, Gary - often simply referred to as the Biking Birder - cut a slightly surprising figure as a potential cycling record holder but what he may have lacked in physical prowess he more than compensated for in sheer will and determination and in 2016 he reached for the stars in attempting to set a new European Green Birding for the most species recorded in one calendar year."

The thought of seeing 300 different birds in a year in the UK is one that many birders dream of. To achieve such by cycling over 7,000 miles from Lands End to Shetland, to see those birds, whilst challenging for the European record is an undertaking few would take on. In fact this book tells of a unique quest. 

Green Birding is a growing, yet vital phenomenon. Whereas most will know of a birders desire to list the birds seen, or maybe be aware of a twitcher's need to travel possibly hundreds of miles to see a lost waif, a bird far away from it's chosen migratory path, a Siberian Accentor or a Franklin's Gull; few will know that there are some birders who pursue birds through Green means. 

Gary details not only his remarkable journey undertaken in 2016 and how he saw over 300 bird species but also tells of people met, the places seen and fills the pages with anecdote and nostalgia. Some stories are taken from his previous Biking Birding years, those two years when Gary cycled to every RSPB and W&WT nature reserve in the UK - twice!
The first in a forthcoming series, The Biking Birder Adventures, Gary will be cycling and kayaking around Peru in 2018, aiming to become the World Green Big Year record holder.

Each book sold will mean a donation will be given so that a tree will be planted in Peru. In the High Andes the natural forest has been largely removed and replaced by Eucalyptus trees. The project I will be supporting is trying to rebuild the Polypsis forest.

OK, now you have decided to buy a copy of this wonderful book, modest as ever, please follow the link below :-

Now away from the excitement of the book the last three days were spent working at the Butterfly Farm.

As usual the thrill of working here is not just being amongst butterflies and the other assorted insects, Tarantulas, lizards, snakes, birds, frogs and fish, not forgetting of course my favourites, the leaf-cutter ants but meeting and watching people. Being able to share their delight at seeing everything and sometimes holding insects, is absolutely fantastic. The staff here are just amazing and the seven hours I spend here each day flies by.  

Talks, well tonight I am giving a talk to the Aylesbury RSPB local group. Jonathan Seabrook has been superb with coordination and help and I really looking forward to it. So far this year I have given talks to the Chesterfield RSPB, South Shrops RSPB near Ludlow and the North Staffs RSPB in Stoke. Each group's audience have been lovely and the pleasure I get from seeing and meeting people, not only prepared to come out on frosty and even snowy nights to come to the meetings but also how they are with each other, is immense.
George Monbiot in his latest book, How Dd We Get into This Mess? calls for community to re-establish a new politic. Well RSPB groups show this as a working practice.

Indoor Meeting with Gary Prescott, the Biking Birder.

Location: Prebendal Hall Community Centre, Fowler Road, Aylesbury,Bucks.
Postcode: HP19 7QW (Google map)
'Worldwide Green Birding, including personalities and their achievements' &
'Birds seen during Biking Birder years'.

This promises to be a lively and entertaining evening with Gary, who cycles
most of the time whilst spotting birds and raising funds and profiles of the
RSPB, WWF & others.

Visit Gary's website

All are welcome to our talks.
Time: 7.30 pm
Price: Group members £ 3.00 or £ 4.50 for non-members. This includes refreshments.

Read more at 

So to Peru.

69 days to go before I start my Biking Birder Adventure for 2018. This time supporting the Worldwide bird conservation charity, Birdlife International and still supporting the Chaskwasi-Manu project for the indigenous children of The Manu, I will start my Green Birding - fossil fuel free adventure from Lima, with a couple of days birding at Los Pantanos de Villa and San Isidro/Miraflores. Then over the first 100 miles heading east the road will take me to 15,000 feet!

Now over the next 69 days I will detail the planned route, show some of the birds I hope to see and talk about how everything is going.

So, to close for today, thanks everyone for continuing to support and follow my adventures.

Please do buy my book and please do make a donation to either Birdlife International : 

A link may be found near the top of this page to the right.

or Chaskawasi-Manu  

Once again a link is at the top of the page on the right.

 . . . . .  or better still both!

Thanks everyone and love to you all,

Gary xx

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