Saturday 1 July 2017

Biking Birder Adventure Plans for 2018 - Peru!

Great to be blogging again.

So much has happened since the incredible events in Israel.

I have been in Peru for almost three months, working at the Chaskawasi-Manu Project in Salvacion, Manu for two months and spending time in Cusco, where I am at the moment, preparing for next years Biking Birder Peru Adventure. I guarantee you that it is going to be a Biking Birder experience beyond anything done by any other Green Birder!

Now to tell you what it is all about. Next year I will be cycling-birding in Peru for six months.

The plan is to visit the best birding areas in Southern Peru; the coast, the Altiplano, the High Andes, including Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley. Then down the famous Manu Road to the Madre De Dios river. All of this is to be cycled and walked.

The journey along the Madre de Dios river is going to involve a new form of transport for me, inflatable kayak. Downstream to the confluence with the Manu river and then upstream to access the lowland rainforest. Back downstream to Puerto Maldonado for a finish in the Tambopata National Park.

That is the basic route which may be modified as bird location news becomes more focussed.

During my time here I have been testing myself, especially by exploring the high altitude areas. I need to be sure that I can do what I need to do despite my asthma. The last week has shown me that I can.

The start date will be April 1st, April Fools Day in Britain (!) after next year's Champions of The Flyway event in Israel on March 26th. As reigning Green Birding Champions at this year's event, the team, The Spokesfolks, Erin, George, Samuel and myself, are hoping to be back there to defend our title. Something tells me there will be more Green Birding teams to compete against!

The distance for Biking Birder Peru, as I will call it, is not as great as the previous Biking Birder adventures, it is obviously the altitude that is key. The route takes me to a height of 15,000 feet at one point.

I will be asking for donations for the Chaskwasi-Manu project as always but also for the fabulous Birdlife International organisation.

Here I need to thank Rob Williams for his incredible support and advice. Also I would like to thank all at ACCA, the Association Para La Conservacion de la Cuenca Amazonica, at Crees in Cusco and at Inka Travel, as well as Amazonas Explorer. The diversity of characters I have met this week is truly inspiring.

So here goes. How many bird species will I see? How many butterflies? Will a bullet ant or ten get me? All will be answered next year.

Meanwhile if anyone has got any advice, any thoughts, any offers of assistance and the like please get in touch. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Love to you all,


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