Sunday 5 February 2017


Long time no post so a catch up is required.

Today is Sunday the 5th of February and I am sitting with my Mum and Dad at their home in North Worcestershire, UK. It is foggy and cold outside and the conversation is all about sport with Dad, while Mum is on Planet Kindle. I am trying to show Dad how brilliant tonight's Superbowl is going to be. A video of ten of the best Tom Brady plays this season doesn't grab him. Oh well, I will watch it alone tonight.

It is said that American Football's popularity is declining in the US. Soccer is ascending. I hope this isn't another case of attention span deficiency, as with cricket. The move away from Test Matches to the 20:twenty format is sad in my opinion but audience figures show that the short format is the future. I need to get to Australia for The Ashes as soon as possible. Maybe I can get there this Christmas!

In just over six weeks time The SpokesFolks will be heading off for The Champions of The Flyways competition in Eilat, Israel. 

The Champions of The Flyways is :

  • A Big International Birding Event

  • Takes place in Eilat on the 28th of March, 2017

  • The main aim is to raise money for Birdlife International

  • Fourteen Teams - PLEASE support The SpokesFolks 

The four of us in the team; Erin, George, Samuel and I will be the first International Green Team to take part in the event and very proud of this we are. We have been informed that because of our presence there are a few other Green teams from Israel participating. Bring it on!
Green Birding teams are not allowed to use fossil fuels for transport so we will be cycling. My hope is that we can get camels for the hottest time in the day.

Now I will take the opportunity here to say a massive thank you to our team sponsor, Viking Optics. It is a real boost to have such a big company behind us.

The competition is a twenty four hour bird race, Midnight to Midnight and it is going to be extremely tough on the four of us with the weather going to be hot and the terrain dusty. 

The inclusion of a Green Birding team in such a major event is a sign that this sport is growing. The more awareness of Green Birding and of it's aims can only be a good thing.

The COTF event is designed to raise money for Birdlife International, supporting projects that fight the illegal murder of millions of migrating birds through the region. This year the event is supporting Doga, the Turkish branch of Birdlife International.

Click on logo for more details.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting updates on here and on our SpokesFolks - Champions of The Flyways blog, detailing our hopes, our preparations and growing confidence.

We would love you to support our team by donating to Birdlife International. Please use this link to do so.

Please click on the link to donate. Thanks.

OK, now to watch a video of some Eilat birds to swot up on . . . 

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