Thursday 8 December 2016

A Bit of a Niggle, ASTHMA!

Thursday 8th December

A day sorting out my health! A few birders have been in touch to ask why I haven't rushed to the mega rare dusky thrush only ten miles from where I am in Chesterfield. Well, now that all is sorted I can reveal that needed to see a doctor. As I hope you all know, one of the four charities I support, and I hope you may give a donation to, is the wonderful Asthma UK. As is usual when one supports a charity it is often because of a close personal link. I have been asthmatic since being a young child. I cannot remember a time when I was anything but and memories of asthmatic attacks in my past come flooding back as I type. Paris, when I was twelve years old on an exchange programme and a doctor called out in the middle of the night to help me. Driving a car around, also at night, with all the windows open to try to force air into me when in my twenties.
Anyway, recently it has been niggly tightness not helped by a lack of Salbutamol. I ran out of my 'blue' inhaler and so today a doctor's appointment at the superb medical centre here in Chesterfield and a brand new inhaler to keep me going.
Couldn't explain before; my loving Mum is watching my every move on the blog and Facebook and she, bless her, worries about her eldest. Being from Birmingham I will always be her 'Bab' no matter that I am sixty years old!
Sixty! Free prescriptions. Yes . . . . free medicine for the over sixties. Thank goodness for the NHS. Never did understand why asthmatics aren't exempt from prescription charges as are so many debilitating conditions. Oh well, I am getting old.

Tomorrow, hopefully, the dusky thrush will become bird number 317 on my year list; a list that is already replete with incredible birds.

Speaking of birds . . how about a few more from my Peru days?

Tambopata, near to Puerto Maldonado, July 2014.

A selection of birds and other amazing creatures.


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