Sunday 13 November 2016

Hell on A Ferry.

Saturday 12th November             Light W                        Sunny

What a night! Maybe one of the most terrifying journeys of my life, the ferry from Kirkwall, Orkney to Aberdeen was truly horrific. Lying down on the floor between some seats in the cinema the boat rose and fell with a huge swell. It banged and shook violently with every fall and rocked from side to side, I have been on the same ferry a number of times in the past and experienced calm seas and rough but never as bad as this.
Kiss the ground and cycle away fast. Morning is calm and sunny. Where has that gale gone? It is a beautiful day.
Now to get back to serious cycling again. Back to the demons and angels of distance cycling, the thoughts that enters one's head include ones that aren't wanted. Back to the loneliness and pain. I want to go home.

Reaching Stonehaven late morning I feel tired after the night with little sleep. On seeing a Bed & Breakfast I stop to consider having a rest. Luda, the owner comes out and I am soon fast asleep in the most comfortable bed I have had for months.

On waking I go into the town and buy a couple of books from a charity shop. Then I am accosted by a lady with a tray of chocolate truffles! How can I resist? I can't. Truffles are my favourite sweets. I meet the maker, a young lad who has started a new business making and selling these chocolate delights. 

I buy a box of them and share some, not all, with some young people in uniform, army and navy who are selling red poppies for The British Legion.

15.39 miles                 719 feet elevation up       713 down

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