Friday 28 October 2016

The Response to the 300 and The European Green Birding record on Birdforum

Wow. I have just been onto my thread on Birdforum, bravely maintained by the wonderful 'Oracle', Phil Andrews, and seen such fabulous comments of congratulations.
Here is a selection of them appertaining to the 300 and the European green Birding Record . . . .

Phil Andrews Saturday 8th October

Gary reached his next landmark today with his 300th species (BOU) of his Green Year list - an Olive-backed Pipit (still on Fair Isle)


Congratulations and well done.


Great job




Well done

Paul Higson

Yowser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice !

Spoonbill finder

Well done mate. Hope Shetland will bring you nearer to your next target.


Congratulations! Great news.

A few days passed, never to be forgotten by me . . . . and then.......

Phil Andrews 18th October

And now for some good news - the Good Shepherd did Dail with Gary on it. Three potential ticks on Fair Isle today.

Flurry of ticks on Fair Isle this afternoon with the addition of Bean Goose (BOU #305, AERC #303) and Siberian Stonechat (BOU #306, AERC #304).

(photograph by Lee Gregory)

Almost there!!! Just one more bird . . .


(photograph by Lee Gregory)

He has just broken the European Green Birding Record with Pine Bunting on Fair Isle (BOU #307, more importantly AERC #305).  

Congratulated by Shaun Robson
(photograph by Lee Gregory)

Paul Higson

Absolutely brilliant.


Fantastic! Well done Gary!

Stuart Reeves

Agreed! I can't help but feel that this is a greater achievement than the world and ABA records being pursued at the moment because of the sheer stamina and commitment required.

David Ball

I'd second that.

Farnboro John

Superb achievement! Well done Gary!

Andrew Whitehouse

Brilliant achievement! I guess there might well be quite a few more species to follow too.


Congratulations! So very very well deserved. Hope there is more bubbly available tonight!


Amazing achievement. Many congrats to Gary. Onwards and upwards!



Nice one

Spoonbill Finder

Absolutely magnificent!

Phil Andrews

Clearly I am biased but I couldn't agree more Stuart. Not only the endurance and physical effort of pursuing this all year but also the minimal financial outlay. Gary has been funding this year purely from his pension; indeed when he has offered free food / accommodation he has insisted contributing an equivalent value to charity.

If you haven't already done so please visit his Just Giving page (will re-post the links this evening).


.. and also he's done this for two consecutive years! Amazing stamina & commitment IMO, so more than pleased Gary has finally achieved his goal.

Phil Andrews

Please see below links - Gary is supporting 4 charities this year:

Asthma UK -

Wildfowl & Wetland Trust -


The Chaskawasi orphanage in Peru -

Whilst I am sure people are donating in other ways, including cash along Gary's journey, the total committed of just over £2,100 via Just Giving is a pitiful amount. If you have followed Gary's Big Year or even just dipped in and out of his adventures please consider making a donation to these worthwhile causes.

Gary Biking Birder Prescott 28th October 2016

Can I take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of you on these pages for the immense support I have received from you? Your comments of support and congratulations have been so important to me. I especially want to thank Phil Andrews, The Oracle.
Just over two months to go, I would love to raise the bar to around 320.
Thank you so much everyone.
Gary xx

( all photographs by Lee Gregory)

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