Saturday 1 October 2016

A New Month, October, Month 22 and the Reason Behind the Biking Birder

A new month with new target birds; a new month and, as this is also the start of the last quarter of the year, I will remind everyone that I am doing my Big Green Year for charity.

Today I have given the last three donations given directly to me to Chaskawasi-Manu, the children of the Manu rainforest in Peru.
At this very moment their future is being made ever more precarious by the building of an illegal road into the Manu. The National Park is surrounded by the pernicious interests of oil companies, illegal tree loggers and businesses that want to exploit the resources to be found there.

The children from communities deep in the protected area of the Manu come to Chaskawasi-Manu to access the local school. The children, and the people of their communities, want to have an 'outside' education. Chaskawasi-Manu provides a home away from home. The people who run Chaskawasi-Manu are loving, caring people but they are running short of funds.

Maybe you are a young person and are thinking of a place to go and volunteer. Well have a look at the Chaskawasi-Manu website for opportunities to do just that. Going there and working (!) with the children and staff will change your life. I am not so young and I know that I am forever changed from what I experienced there. Indeed I will be back there next year. My education needs to be ongoing and the children give so many life lessons.   

Away from my love of Chaskawasi-Manu, there are the other three charities I am supporting.

The RSPB I will always support as no other environmental charity does so much to not only protect British wildlife but also carry out projects around the World. With Climate Change and Global Warming being the biggest threat to our way of life and the future of our children, the work carried out by the RSPB is immense and vital.

The Wildfowl & Wetland Trust, the WWT, based at Slimbridge gets my support due to the influence of a simple act of a fmaous man back in the 1960s. Sir Peter Scott replied to a simple letter from a young ten year old. His kindness instilled in the boy a love for nature that still drives him to cycle each day to areas new.

Finally there is Asthma UK. 5,400,000 people suffer from the debilitating condition and those figures are rising. As one of those people I know the effects and the problems faced by all who have asthma.

So, it is October, the 22nd month of my cycling adventure and once again I ask whether you could please make a donation of any size to one of the charities. Please use the links to be found on the right hand side of this page. Every donation is such a thrill to receive and your support is vital and very gratefully received.

Maybe you would prefer to sponsor me. Way back at the beginning of the year I asked people to sponsor me 1p (a penny in UK) for every bird species I see during the year. Having seen 293 different birds so far that would make a commitment of £2.93. Thank you to all who have said that they would do just that and you know I will be in touch on January the First 2017!
If you would like to sponsor me 1p a bird, or even 1 cent, 1 sole . . . then please either email me, message me on facebook or the blog or twitter me.

Donations and sponsoring really do give me such an emotional and physical boost. There are days, thankfully not many, when the loneliness of the journey gets me down and to access the internet and find a donation is the best pick me up I can get. Oh, maybe seeing a new bird does as well . . and meeting people. OH let me just say that donations are fantastic!

Thanks to you all,

Gary Prescott

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