Sunday 17 July 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away . .

Friday 15th July Fresh SW Heavy rain

My hope for an exploration of the reserve is dashed by the heavy rain that arrives mid morning. I do get to the hides that flank the centre. The views are atmospheric as drifts of falling rain pass in front of the hills and over the marshland. Roe deer are out there and occasionally a bird shows itself, redshank, lapwing and curlew.
The rain gets heavier and I spend the afternoon in the centre reading the noticeboards and the RSPB leaflets, especially the ones on climate change subjects.

In the evening, as the rain stops and the sun decides to show itself briefly, I cycle first to Insh Loch, seeing red deer quite close to on the way there, and watch ospreys coming to the island there. 

Bird number 266, not a bird I was worried about missing as there are a number of them in the Speyside area.
I then return to the west side if the Insh Marshes to try to listen for spotted crake, a very rare breeding bird here.
First I set the tent up near a layby that I had been told was near to where one could hear them.
Midnight. No sound at all, it is cold and cloudy and after walking along the B road for an hour or so with hands cupped to my ears to amplify whatever sounds there, I haven't heard any whip-like call. Sleep per chance to dream.

11.90 Miles 873 feet elevation up 737 feet elevation down

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