Friday 27 May 2016

A Day of Rain . . . Titchwell to Somewhere VERY SPECIAL

Wednesday 25th May                 fresh NW                     Persistent rain

Feeling very tired I walk alone around Titchwell and eventually sit alone in the Parrinder hide. 

Six summer plumaged knot are close and a single greenshank out beside a small island where common terns are sitting. A pink-footed goose is sitting out on an island. What is that still doing here?

A lovely French couple come in, the first people I have seen today. They are from Brittany pres de Vannes, and are members of the RSPB who have disparaging comments to make about French birding. Count our blessings (and chickens) for the RSPB, WWT and Wildlife Trusts for all of our resevres. No hides, or very few to be found in France.
I head back towards the visitor’s centre for breakfast. I meet two RSPB staff, the first out to litter pick, the second out to see what birds are around. Both are superb, as usual.
One says he is following this blog and comments that it is really about the people I meet. Now there’s a thought. Every day I am privileged to meet the most amazing people, people with stories, people who in their own way are incredible and friendly.
A story from someone involves a white-tailed sea eagle. One day on Mull. a birder is caught short for a pee when suddenly the huge barn door flies close over his head. What should he do, put away his **** and photograph the road or cover up first.? The birder's dilemma.

Another RSPB staff member must be one of the best ‘Meet & Greet’ people in the RSPB. I tell him that and take his photograph. Ian is the same with everyone he meets, friendly with a huge smile with a sunshine personality.
Breakfast is taken in the cafĂ©, a stilton and mushroom bagette with salad. Two ladies wave through the window. I met them both on Fair Isle last year, Jane and  . . .  I must look up their names in my notes. Great to see them both again. They’re so happy to see me again. Lovely.
Another friend comes to sit with me, Chris. We actually talk about match fishing in the 70s. Back then I used to match fish in the Midlands and met so many famous fishing characters during my teenage years. Chris was a match angler too of some repute and so the names flood back the memories of great days. Clive Smith, Kevin and Benny Ashurst, Ivan Marks, Roy Marlow, Barry Brookes, Tony Reece, Ken Giles ; all fabulous to watch and learn from. Great days.

I return to the hide to watch as avocets have territorial disputes and courtship displays as the cameras click with rapidity.
I fall asleep!
This is bad news as I have received an invitation to stay at one of the most special places in Britain, the lighthouse that was the home of Sir Peter Scott in his younger days in the 1930s.
I text the owners to say I will be late.
Three hours later I arrive, soaked and hot, at the lighthouse that now belongs to Doug and Sue Hilton.

The year list now stands at 248, twenty five ahead of last year at this stage.

35.82 miles                860 feet up elevation     852 feet down elevation

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