Saturday 30 April 2016

Details from 26th of April

Tuesday 26th April

It is now early on Tuesday morning and I am in Margate, Kent. After a day of rest yesterday it is time for me to get back on the bike and head for Dungeness forty five miles to the south west. A Bean goose has been there recently and pomarine skuas have gone past the headland.
The rest is due to the previous three days efforts, 168 miles from Minsmere to Margate, cycling. Why Margate? An Iberian chiff chaff in a local park had been seen and luckily, very luckily, I turn up there on Sunday evening and not only hear it but get close views of a chiff chaff with a funny, squeaky, repeated call. 

Bird number 220 onto the Green list and one I had not thought I would get.
So 85 to go in order to get the European record and around fifty 'regulars' still needed.

The Green Year list now stands at 220, still 27 birds ahead of this time last year.

59.76 miles 2022 feet elevation up 1998 elevation down 

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