Tuesday 5 April 2016

An RSPB Members Weekend Experience pt 1. York University Friday and Saturday April 2016

After a fabulous stay at a Bed & Breakfast run by a great couple, Christine and Chris, The Old Presbytery Guest House at Barkston Ash, (thanks to you both . . . brilliant to meet you), the cycle to York is simple enough and flat and I reach the university with plenty of time to get everything set up. That is put the fully laden bike against a wall and put a couple of items in front of me.
The days I spend meeting so many people, listening to their stories and visiting each of the stands. I am next door to the Overseas RSPB workers and their albatross campaign results are stunning. Over 90% reduction in albatross deaths due to long-line fishing, some way still to go but what a successful result.
Oli and Kate
Then there's the wildlife crime stand with booklets on the facts and figures of the appalling destruction of too many birds, particularly birds of prey.
A change of mood with first the ladies of the York Local RSPB Group who greet everyone with such friendliness and enthusiasm.
Then more of a challenge with placing various archeaological artefacts in chronological order. Have a look at the photograph and if you can see the letters on each piece see if you agree with the order that I placed them in. (G H B A E D C F). I will post the answer later on today.
Thanks to the York Archaeological Trust for the fun.
For the children there was the fantastic Wildfowl Explorers table . .
and it all culminated with a visit to my table of the CEO Mike Clarke!

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