Wednesday 16 March 2016

The World and Earth Hour . . and THANK YOU to all donors and sponsors

Wednesday 16th March

It is an incredible thing, reading a blog. My blog – Biking Birder 2016 – The Quest for 300 is amazing because it makes me realise how the love of nature can link people from all over our wonderful globe.

The statistics show people from the United Kingdom make up the bulk of viewers but it is wonderful to see that people from many countries look in too.
The list is in order of number of views :-

United States
South Africa
The Netherlands.


Now can I ask everyone whether any of you are Green Birders? I would really love to know your story, of what you enjoy seeing and doing with nature. I would love to hear about the wildlife in your area and of your experiences with it. I would like to know your opinions about climate change, global warming and all Green issues.

If you have any questions to ask then please do. It would be a privilege to answer them.

Please if you can share these then please do so either using the comments section on this page or by sharing on the Biking Birder 2016 – The Quest for 300 facebook page.

To become a facebook friend I warn you, my own personal thoughts, music loves, political opinions, love of cricket and obviously my adoration of this world and nature may be different to yours. I welcome everyone to be my 'friend' though but I thought it only fair to warn you. I am an opinionated and passionate lover of the environment, nature in all of its forms, socialist politics, music, film and cricket.

Maybe you are interested in the facebook page for Green Birders as well.

Please, it would be marvellous to hear from you wherever you are.

Now considering Green Issues, Earth Hour is coming up.

Another request.....

Please take part!

and the very powerful . .

To register then please visit :-

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to any of the four charities I am supporting this year. I am extremely grateful to you all.
Also many thanks to everyone who has said that they will sponsor me 1p (or more) for every bird species I see this year. With every bird that I see that is new for the 2016 Green year list then the amount raised for these charities will go up.
If you haven't sponsored me yet and would like to then please message me or email me at


My love to you all,



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  1. Well done on your year list and all the pedaling so far. Off on my bike to count Hen Harriers for the BTO later. My fifth season of doing this by bicycle is about to come to an end. Hopefully our paths and bikes will meet one day. The Pembs Biking Birder.


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