Wednesday 24 February 2016

Just a Quick Catch Up

Morning! A couple of days off the net due to tablet problems. Anyway two new birds, mandarin and ring-necked parakeets, take me to 169; the same number I was on at the end of March last year. 

Two days of cycling have taken me from Aldershot to Westmill, about 25 miles SW of Cambridge. On the way to North Norfolk asap, lots of new birds for the list.
Great day yesterday, cycling from West Drayton, near Uxbridge. A side passenger in a white van north of Potter's Bar threw something at me as I was waiting beside a red traffic light! A large beanie Bagpuss! He/she (?) is on the back now next to Tigger. Brilliant. LOL!

Next thrill of the day was seeing a fabulously wonderful friend, Di, I hadn't seen for ten years or so. Coffee in a Community shop in Tewin, a volunteer run shop with donation boxes to keep it open.
After Di had left a group of four also enjoying tea and cakes, asked about what i was up to and all gave donations which are now inside Ricky the Robin. He loves to be fed!
Today the aim is to get as far into Norfolk as possible, about 65 miles from here to King's Lynn, might be doable.

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