Saturday 1 October 2022

New Month. A Month to Decide all.


Hello Sunshine People! xxx

New month - and possibly the month that decides all of my BIGBY list ambitions.
Will October be as the one Spurn enjoyed back in 2016. That year, if I had connected with them all, would have given me 25 new birds, including the famous Siberian Accentor.
Mind you, two years, last year and 2013, I would only have had ten! This would obviously leave me with absolutely no chance of achieving any of my three BIGBY ambitions :
* beat The Spaniard.
* Reach 300 birds on my BIGBY bird list for 2022.
* become the European Green Birding BIGBY 2022 champion. (in my dreams)
Anything between these two extremes, 25 and ten, the most probable outcome will leave me with a chance at all three but it is going to be very hard to get the 32 species I need. October will decide it.
September was good, seventeen birds were added to my BIGBY list. I missed three; Icterine Warbler - two birds each seen briefly and by very few, Pomarine Skua - seen maybe three times during the month and maybe seen by me, as per the photograph of a possible one and a Sabine's Gull, also seen by very few.
So, here goes. Daylight is approaching and I will be in the seawatching hide in under half an hour.
Bring it on. What is my motivation - to kepp on push, push, pushing?
"Sometimes you seem a little lost, my friend
I see not too much light within your aura
You've been a-looking for a reason to believe in doing good
'Cause in this hard old world your soul gets locked inside
Now the hidden healing rays are beaming down
To raise this world into a new dimension
And if you wanna feel it now you must surrender to the flow
And give your love in action
So we're finding motivation
Loving motivation
(To build a better world you've got to)
Find that motivation
The deep, deep motivation
When you're stoned on spirit you don't have no other needs
Working with the purest light within you
When you've broken down your idols and you've undermined your mind
The question is to stick or to move forward
You don't need plastic starry dreams to fire your inner jet
You go motivating on the spinning wave
Don't listen to the clever voice that always looks for gains
Just give your love in action
So we're finding motivation
Loving motivation
(Striving power in every hour)
Find that motivation
Sow some motivation
(I want you to ask yourself)
What is your motivation
Your deep, deep motivation
(To keep on push-push-pushing)
Finding motivation
Motivation is the key"

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