Friday 2 February 2018

57 Days to Go - BB2018-Peru. New Forest Wildlife Park

My last blog entry told of tree planting in Peru's Andes mountain range and two amazing young people, two of the finest teenagers one could ever meet.

Mya-Rose Craig, aka Birdgirl is phenomenal and her very popular blog, that has attracted over two million views, is a constant delight. Mya-Rose details twitching trips, World birding trips and issues that she feels passionately about.

Dominik Reynolds is working hard at his A-levels at the moment but is still finding time to organise events for his Wildlife Fund. Recently he was able to give a substantial check to the wonderful ORCA  charity and this weekend Dominik has organised a beach cleaning event on Southampton water.

photograph taken from Dominik's last beach clean

OK, now for some photographs from a day spent with Dominik at the wonderful New Forest Wildlife Park . .  . 

Highlight for me was when a surprise turned out to be an opportunity to feed m favourite animal there . . . Giant Otters. I adore Giant Otters and must be the only visitor to have been to Lake Sandival in Tambopata National Park on three occasions and not seen them! Well now I have fed some from my hand. Fabulous.

New Forest Wildlife Park Facebook page

So back to now. Everything is concentrated on the planning for the Peru adventure. Tomorrow, birds expected to be seen at Junin, Peru, the next site of my adventure after Lima.

All the best everyone,

Love to you all,

Gary  xx

Gary Brian Prescott - Facebook page

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