Wednesday 30 November 2016

Peruvian Dream Part 2 - Paracas, Balestros Islands and Pisco

Wednesday 30th November

Part two of my birding fantasy >>>>>>

Let's dream again together ….............

Tambo Colorado Hostel, Pisco, Peru.

Back in 2014 I visited this hostel quite a few times. The best visit though was for my daughter, Rebecca's birthday . . . .

Flight over the Nasca lines with Happy Birthday sung by Japanese tourists.

A party back at the hostel afterwards.

So with Silvia Vilchez to organise our taxis and boats . . . . .

Paracas National Park

Surf cincloides (endemic)

Grey-headed gull

Peruvian pelican

Peruvian booby

Least sandpiper

Peruvian tern

Turkey vulture

Kelp gull

Royal tern

Pisco Beach

Wilson's phalarope

Striated heron

Snowy egret

Great egret

Cinnamon teal

Neotropic cormorant

Grey gull

Black-crowned night heron

Ballestos Islands

Red-legged cormorant

Humboldt penguin

Inca tern

I have heard today from a great friend, Jason Oliver. He phoned to say that he was going to accompany me when I return to Peru next year! Jason was a student of mine many years ago and became a superb birder. He is an original member of The Birding Clams; a Facebook group where the original members are from the bird club we had at Coppice High School in Wolverhampton, UK. Jason hasn't been to Peru before. It is going to be a superb start to my three month stay there.

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