Sunday 10 July 2016

A Day Relaxing . . and Then

Sunday 10th July

The fates are with me!

The weather forecast, thanks BBC, states that Sunday in Oban would be a day of heavy rain. The day starts that way and I take the tent down as it pours. I decide to see whether there is a bed available at Oban's youth hostel. Black guillemots as usual are close to the sea wall as I cycle there. These fabulous comical looking birds are quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

There is so a day relaxing instead of cycling to Fort William. Sleep in the lounge after a breakfast of Lidl's pseudo Hob Nobs, chocolate of course. An afternoon is spent watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon.
A text from the Oracle, Phil Andrews.
Apparently the snow geese on Coll are tickable, a C2 population,
Last year Phil and I had talked about these geese after I had searched them out and saw a group of twenty one of them, including one juvenile.
Plastic fantastic was Phil's verdict back then and I didn't count them on my 2015 Green Year list despite stating that they were category C on BOU.
So great, now he tells me that I should have done back then and that I could have done if I had seen them yesterday.
Actually I had looked for them yesterday but not with any real conviction as the rain fell and a gale blew.
From the comfortable lounge of the youth hostel I determined that I would go back to Coll tomorrow.

Meanwhile the weather in Oban? Drizzle and light rain for the morning followed by a dry afternoon with a south east wind. Thanks BBC.

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