Tuesday 5 April 2016

An Attempt at Catching up with the details . . . .

Right. I am having a day in the library in Beverley, Yorkshire whilst my laundry is being done. So let's go back to Earby Youth Hostel, Lancashire/Yorkshire (depending on how you feel about the constituency changes Maggie did) where I stayed for a few days week before last.

Earby Youth Hostel

Previously the home of Katherine Bruce Glasier, an evangelical socialist who helped form the Labour Party. The day's spent in this small, very quiet youth hostel included spending time reading up on the life of both her and her husband, John Bruce Glasier. If you're of a mind for a love story about two passioniate socialists then there's obviously an entry on wykopaedia but by no means does it tell the whole story. Called The Enthusiasts the book was a superb read abut two such influential members of the pre-Labour Party Socialists.

It felt incredibly special sharing a living room with the original furniture with the ghosts of such great people. George Bernard Shaw asked her to marry him on a number of occasions before John succeeded in getting the hand of the strong, independent woman.

The oil painting on the wall in the lounge shows a real stateswoman and one can only imagine how marvellous she would have been if in the current Labour Party.

After one day when I woke up to heavy snow falling eventually it was time to carry on to Fairburn Ings. Fifty miles later . . . .

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